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Encounters: A Paranormal Experience

Ever wondered what those shadows in the corner of your eyes were? What about the truth behind the Amityville Horror? Encounters A Paranormal Experience is a Paranormal / Supernatural discussion between Amanda and Dakota. We seek to unravel the unexplained and unknown. Welcome to the community. 

May 31, 2019

This week on Encounters, Amanda and Dakota re-visit the topic of Shadow People in an expanded look at the sleep disorder and phenomenon known as Sleep Paralysis!

Sleep Paralysis has shown to be rampant thru human history with various examples coming from the ancient world right up thru the present, but one thing is...

May 24, 2019

''He said he had seen the beast go into [his] body,'' she said, ''and it was the beast who had committed the crime.'' NY Times (1981)

Join your hosts, Dakota and Amanda, on a spooktacular trip to Brookfield, Connecticut to experience the trials of the Glatzell family and the subsequent possessions of David Glatzell and...

May 17, 2019

"She turned and saw nothing there, but couldn’t shake the feeling that she was not alone, and maybe never would be, in the already aging house." Terror on 10th Street by Tim Donnelly, New York Post (2012)

Tucked away on 14 West Tenth Street in Greenwich Village New York, sits a humble ancient brownstone that has...

May 10, 2019

October 1957. São Francisco de Sales, Brazil.

A Young Brazilian Farmer named Antonio experiences a night unlike any other. He is attacked by a "red star", abducted by "men in grey overalls", and seduced by "a strange looking woman".

This week, join Dakota and Amanda in an investigative journey thru the story of the...

May 3, 2019

In today's episode, it's another Cryptid Showdown with the Inuit Adlet and the infamous Michigan Dogman.

Whether it’s a vampire witchy wolf hunting the frozen tundra or a mysterious Bipedal Dog the size of a man roaming the wooded areas of Michigan, you won’t want to be caught in the sights of these Cryptozoological...